YBAC internal campaign, April 2015

My benefits, Our Benefits, Your Benefits are Changing 

The YBAC advice team has recently launched the ‘My Benefits, Our Benefits, Your Benefits’ campaign, designed for CHC members to raise awareness of Universal Credit and to provide practical hands-on support for staff and tenants.

My Benefits are Changing:
Aimed at all staff – a basic understanding of the main principles of Universal Credit.

Our Benefits are Changing:
Aimed at selected staff from across your organisation to develop an understanding of how, as a sector, our benefits are changing by using information gained from early pilots, demonstration projects and areas where UC is live.

Your Benefits are Changing:
Aimed at tenants - this session will provide hands-on support for member events.

Members will be prioritised by Universal Credit tranches (Tranche 1 consists of Neath Port Talbot, Wrexham, Torfaen and Flintshire). 

You can find out more about the campaign options here

If you're interested in any of the options above, please fill in our booking form and return to jennifer-horton@chcymru.org.uk


Additional materials 

We have also produced new Universal Credit leaflets for this phase of the campaign. You can download generic versions of the leaflet below if you wish to use the YBAC contact details, or alternatively you can add your own logo and contact details to the personalised version below. If you would like the editable InDesign file in order for your own designers to add your details, please contact bethan-davies@chcymru.org.uk. If you don't have an in-house designer, Melin's design team (mike.watkins@melinhomes.co.uk) will amend the leaflet for £15. 

Universal Credit leaflet (generic - web version)

Universal Credit leaflet (generic - print version)

Universal Credit leaflet (personalised - web version)