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Building Standards

In summary

Welsh housing associations are committed to building high-quality homes, which support people throughout their life course. All new homes in Wales are subject to building regulations, which set a minimum standard to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and high-performing.

Alongside this, housing associations' homes must meet Welsh Government's development quality requirements (DQR). The DQR standard is a requirement of all homes funded through social housing grant, and sets a minimum standard for space, safety, energy efficiency and a host of other features. These standards are often significantly higher than the minimum standards, established by building regulations.

Following recommendations from the Independent Review of Affordable Housing Supply in 2019, Welsh Government is currently reforming these standards, replacing DQR with a new Beautiful Homes and Spaces standard.

In August 2020, a consultation proposed a simplified standard focusing on the key elements of space, energy efficiency and safety, and promoted the development of homes that are flexible to changing needs. Welsh Government is currently developing final proposals for the new standard, and is expected to publish this later in 2021.

Briefings/Useful Documents

How we develop this area of work

Our future homes strategic delivery group plays a key role in informing our work on building standards and influencing Welsh Government and other decision makers in this area.

Alongside this, CHC engages regularly with Welsh Government officials on developments in this area, and works closely with other sector bodies including the Design Council for Wales and RICS on key policy issues.

For more information on how we develop policy, click here.

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