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Our board and governance

Community Housing Cymru’s board sets the strategic direction of the organisation and works with the senior management group to oversee the effective operation of the business.

We are accountable to our members. We work to secure change and to influence their operating environment. Our board holds us to account to ensure that we appropriately represent their diverse views.

Our chair is independent and does not work in the sector. Our board consists of 12 people from both inside and outside of the housing association sector.

Board members are appointed based on their skills and are formally elected at our annual general meeting (AGM). Their initial term is three years with the opportunity to stand for a further three years after that.

Board meetings are held quarterly with two additional strategic sessions also held throughout the year.

If you would like to contact a board member, please email enquiries@chcymru.org.uk with the board member's name in the subject line. This will be treated confidentially.

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