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Model Rules

In summary

Model rules

We provide a bespoke set of model rules for use by Welsh housing associations, designed to reflect specific legislation, the regulatory framework and guidance in Wales.

The CHC model rules were updated and a new version published on 24 May 2021. They were drafted and updated by Devonshires Solicitors, in consultation with CHC, housing associations and other stakeholders.

The model rules have been written with the intention of being sufficiently generic to allow for use by all housing associations.

However, they also include a range of options to meet different needs. Options include:

  • Section I : Generic options to the base model for all housing associations;

  • Section II : Group, parent and subsidiary options;

  • Section III: Options specifically relating to large scale voluntary transfers (LSVTs) & community mutuals (where they are similar);

  • Section IV: Any additional options not covered in section III above specifically relating only to community mutuals.


Updated CHC model rules

Explanatory document/guidance

Recording of Devonshires presentation

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