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Homelessness and Housing Management

In summary

Homelessness can have a devastating impact on people and families. The mean age at death of people experiencing homelessness is 44 years for men and 42 years for women. We know that a third of homelessness is caused by a health issue and as a result, homelessness must be viewed as a combined public health and housing crisis.

Housing associations across Wales provide a broad range of services to tackle homelessness, such as specific supported housing and services aimed at preventing people from losing their homes to begin with. The causes of homelessness are often complex and partnership working is needed to ensure the right support is in place for those at risk.

Housing management covers a broad range of the day-to-day operations of housing associations; from letting homes to new tenants, undertaking repairs and maintenance, through to ensuring communities are safe from anti-social behaviour. Approaches used in housing management are constantly evolving, including the use of trauma-informed practices.

Our priorities

  • To work in partnership to end homelessness and highlight the impact of housing associations in preventing and alleviating homelessness.

  • To provide housing associations with the tools and support they need to reduce evictions into homelessness

  • To provide responsive policy and operational support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • To work with housing associations and Welsh Government to ensure the smooth implementation of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.

How we develop this area of work

Our housing management strategic delivery group plays a key role in informing our work in this area.

Housing associations have an important role to play to end homelessness but we cannot do it alone. We work extensively with other bodies such as the Welsh Local Government Association and Cymorth Cymru and we are members of the housing support national advisory board, which advises Welsh Government ministers on homelessness and housing-related support.

For more information on how we develop policy, click here.

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