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In summary

Preventing and alleviating homelessness is a core aim of housing associations in Wales. In addition to providing settled and suitable homes to people who might otherwise be at risk of homelessness, housing associations deliver a range of specific housing-related support including:

  • Temporary and transitional accommodation for people experiencing homeless;
  • Specialist supported housing;
  • Support services such as floating support.

We work closely with housing associations and other stakeholders to constantly improve our response to homelessness. This includes:

  • Ending evictions into homelessness;
  • Supporting the transition to rapid rehousing;
  • Campaigning to safeguard funding for homelessness services.

Representing housing associations on Welsh Government’s Ending Homelessness National Advisory Board and other forums such as the legislative reform Expert Review Panel.

How we develop this area of work

We work with our housing management and welfare member community to understand our members’ priorities and experiences. We also seek member input on focussed areas of work through task and finish groups.

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