Political Engagement

It is vital that politicians understand the scale of the challenge faced by the sector and housing associations can play an important part in this by engaging with their local AMs, MPs and councillors.

To find the political representatives in your area, please click here.

We have been engaging with all political parties to inform them about the work of the sector and the impact on tenants and communities. As part of the Your Benefits are Changing campaign we wanted to illustrate how difficult it is to live on Job Seekers Allowance and we invited a representative from all political parties to take up the challenge.

AM lives on the breadline

As part of a wider campaign looking at the impact of benefit changes on communities across Wales, an AM spent a week living off benefits

Rebecca Evans AM, Labour Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, survived on the average job seekers allowance payment of £72.40 to raise awareness of the ongoing cost of living for welfare claimants.

For one week in May, Mrs Evans paid for priority payments and everyday items such as bills, transport and meals with her allowance. Based on the average weekly spend of someone living on benefits, she had under £2 a day to spend on food and essential items. Click here to read more about the exercise: http://chcymru.org.uk/en/view-news/life-on-the-breadline-for-assembly-member

To see how Rebecca got on - take a look at her video diary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHwzR6_arQA&list=UUvA-hS8Kne_SSRUTyQ9nLRw