Past Elections

Local Government Elections 2012

On 3 May 2012, elections took place in 21 of Wales' local authorities, to elect councillors to represent wards across each county.

The CHC Group urged members and agencies to engage with local authorities and their councillors in order to help their tenants, to improve local services and to achieve the goals set out in our Local Government manifesto.

CHC Group Local Government Manifesto 2012

Assembly Elections 2011

The Welsh Assembly elections took place in May 2011; the first time since full law-making powers were introduced. This resulted in the following allocation of seats (out of 60):

  • Labour: 30 seats
  • Conservatives: 14 seats
  • Plaid Cymru: 11 seats
  • Liberal Democrats: 5 seats

Throughout the election campaign Community Housing Cymru worked with members, and engaged with candidates in order to put clear messages to politicians about what the sector is doing, and what it could do in the future with the right support.

The CHC group launched our own manifesto, with a list of priorities for the group in the election period and beyond:

Collaborating for Communities

With confirmation of the CHC group structure, our joint manifesto explores the housing challenges facing the next government and offers a range of innovative policy proposals in promoting collaborative activities.   

Our priorities were:

  1. Increasing and improving affordable housing in Wales through social housing investment.
  2. Regeneration activities which can tackle poverty and create jobs and training opportunities.
  3. Continued action for delivering care and support.

In order to download the joint manifesto and look at our priorities in greater detail, please see here.


N.B. Community Housing Cymru is a registered charity and we have a range of objectives including promoting the voluntary housing sector in Wales. CHC followed guidance published by the charity commission on campaigning and political activity by charities. This guidance is available here.


‘Are you onboard?’ tour of Wales

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 'Are you onboard?' tour of Wales to give housing, care and regeneration a stronger voice in the elections in May 2011. As the first organisation in Wales to hold an event in every local authority area, we hope the prospective candidates have used the opportunity to increase their knowledge of local issues and keep housing, care and regeneration at the top of their parties' political agenda.

In total 56 organisations were involved, with over 1200 attending the 22 events. One third of the Cabinet and a quarter of Assembly members attended along with fifty two other prospective candidates and the Are you onboard banner on CHC’s website had 1000 hits over the two week period. For further information on the events that took place, please click on the map below.

View Are you on Board? in a larger map

Joint manifesto for 2011 Assembly election