Water Industry Regulation 2014

New regulations will take effect on 1 January 2015 which require landlords in Wales to advise Water companies which tenants occupy their rental properties. The regulations were passed on 4th December 2014 in the National Assembly for Wales and CHC circulated information on the 8th December after confirmation from Welsh Government.  Today we have received further information from both Dwr Cymru and Dee Valley Water.

The letter below has been sent to RSLs across Wales and we highlight the following information:

- These new regulations mean that you must inform Dwr Cymru Welsh Water or Dee Valley Water about tenants in your properties within 21 days of the tenants moving into the property.  If you don’t then you (as landlord) become jointly and severally liable with the tenant for any outstanding water and sewerage charges. CHC has been reassured by water companies that they would like to work with the sector to ensure an efficient and timely transfer of data.  As a result, they do not intend to take any action to enforce the regulations until 3 months after they come into force (ie. 31 March 2015). Dwr Cymru are happy to accept occupier details through a spreadsheet, emailed to water.enquiries@dwrcymru.com.

You can continue to inform Dee Valley Water through the current process or email customer.services@deevalleygroup.com

Or use the new portal - https://www.landlordtap.com/Default.aspx


The original consultation and summary responses are here: http://wales.gov.uk/docs/desh/consultation/140826-bad-debt-in-the-water-industry-summary-of-responses-en.pdf

CHC's response is here: http://wales.gov.uk/docs/desh/consultation/140826-bad-debt-in-the-water-industry-schedule-of-responses-en.pdf


Useful documents

Water Industry Regulation - information about non owner occupiers

Letter from Community Housing Cymru to Carl Sargeant AM requesting that the minister considers changing the proposed introduction date of 1st January 2015 to 1st April 2015 to allow our membership to better prepare and more importantly communicate the consequences of the regulations.

Welsh Water letter to membership