Community Engagement

Housing associations work with tenants and residents to help improve their quality of life. Housing associations involve residents in decision-making processes in order to provide them with a safe, peaceful place to live, and services that meet their needs. Tenants are consulted on changes and developments taking place in their area and many of our members also empower residents to be actively involved in the running of the housing association through volunteering opportunities, and participation in forums and board meetings. 

The benefits of effective community engagement include:

  • Improved service delivery and efficiency
  • Good communication between staff and tenants
  • Informed and knowledgeable tenants who have the skills and confidence to influence decisions
  • Shared accountability and better decisions.
  • Tenant empowerment
  • Staff and tenants being more aware of each other’s perspectives and organisational and financial limitations
  • Minimising misunderstandings, helping to build trust, understanding and mutual respect between landlords and tenants.
  • Increased tenant satisfaction with their homes and neighbourhoods
  • Increased job satisfaction for staff
  • Improved community relationships and neighbourhoods

To view examples of community engagement initiatives between housing associations and social enterprises visit the Good Practice section.