Social Housing Grant

Social Housing Grant (SHG) is a grant given to Registered Social Landlords by the Welsh Government, to provide new affordable housing for rent or low cost home ownership.

SHG can be used to provide housing for rent or low cost home ownership through new build or the use of existing buildings. 

SHG can be used to support:

  • schemes to increase the supply of affordable housing for rent; 
  • schemes for older people including Extracare schemes;
  • Homebuy - to assist people to purchase a home; 
  • schemes to address low demand and to support community regeneration; and 
  • schemes for people who need support with independent living.

Social Housing Grant 4.11.14

CHC has been asked to be part of a task group to review SHG.   The review will consider all aspects of the SHG grant regime. The outcome of the review is to how  the efficiency of the social housing grant process can be improved in the first instance and ultimately look at how  affordable housing provision can be increased in the longer term.   The sector representatives on the group are Walis George, Shayne Hembrow and John Keegan.