Regional Collaborative Committees (RCCs)

There are six Regional Collaborative Committees in Wales which work to proactively plan service provision based on local priorities. The Committees have members from a number of key sectors, including social housing, who are central to providing support services to vulnerable people across Wales.

The Welsh Government has published information on the RCCs, including their purpose, membership and meeting minutes, which can be accessed here.

The most recent annual reports for each RCC can be accessed at the links below:

Gwent RCC Annual Report

Cardiff and Vale RCC Annual Report

Mid and West Wales RCC Annual Report

Cwm Taf RCC Annual Report

North Wales RCC Annual Report

Western Bay RCC Annual Report

Community Housing Cymru runs elections every three years to allocate the spaces on each RCC for Landlord.  We support Landlord representatives in their role as representatives by providing opportunities to report to our Supported Housing Services Forum on progress, liaise with Welsh Government and communicate progress to the sector. Re-elections for the posts of RCC representative are underway throughout the summer of 2015. The Landlord representatives are listed below:

RCC Rep/Deputy Name (Organisation) Email
Rep Richard Sheahan (Linc Cymru)
Rep Hugh Irwin (United West Housing)
Deputy Victoria Hiscocks (Derwen) 
Cardiff & Vale    
Rep Mark Sheridan (Taff HA)
Rep Phil Richardson (Cadwyn)
Deputy TBC  
Mid & West    
Rep/ Deputy Louise Webster (Cantref)
Rep/ Deputy Aiden Ackerman (Mid Wales)
Cwm Taf    
Rep Sarah O'Keeffe (WWHA)
Rep Angela Stacey (RCT Homes)
Deputy Julie McCarthy (MVH)
North Wales    
Rep Gwynne Jones (Catrefi Conwy)
Rep Gwenan Ellis (Grwp Cynefin)

Enid Roberts - (CC Gwynnedd)
Western Bay    
Rep Dave Tovey (Coastal)
Deputy Mark Hopkins (Family HA)