Health and Housing Week 2013

To mark the NHS turning 65 this July, Community Housing Cymru and Care & Repair Cymru facilitated a Health & Housing Week, running from July 15 – 19.

Following Health & Housing Week, we have produced an evaluation report in order to capture media coverage, member activity, engagement on social media channels and the general buzz surrounding the week. You can read the evaluation report on the link below.

Health & Housing Week 2013 - Evaluation Report

The pack below was produced before the week in order to provide more information on what was happening during Health & Housing Week, along with details on how to get involved.

Health & Housing Week 2013 - Pack

This was an appropriate time to reflect on the work members have undertaken in working with health and social care services, producing high quality outcomes for a range of people within communities across Wales. We recognise, welcome and support the ongoing progress being made in proactively engaging in collaborative projects and initiatives. Health & Housing Week included opportunities to:

Highlight the best practice currently happening across Wales.
Discuss the challenges being faced by the respective sectors.
Prompt constructive discussions on how these challenges can continue to be addressed.
Set a direction and shape the work around housing and health locally.

We also produced a good practice guide in collaboration with Care & Repair Cymru and the Welsh NHS Confederation which illustrates great examples of partnership working between the health and housing sectors across the 7 Welsh Local Health Boards. The report highlights the results that can be achieved through innovation, partnership working and cross-sector collaboration. Housing has a major role to play in better health outcomes for individuals and in turn can alleviate some of the pressures on health and social services.

Healthy Homes, Healthy Lives - Good Practice Guide