Webinar Support

Our Webinar series aims to support members grappling with issues arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Led by industry experts covering a range of topics, our webinars will give you the opportunity to explore the complexities of these issues and ask questions.

All webinars will be recorded and available to those who can’t attend.

Upcoming Webinars 


Thursday 28th of May, 11.00-11.45am
Service charges during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that many services provided by housing associations to their residents have altered. Some services have been postponed, while others have increased in intensity. It is understandable that tenants and leaseholders have questioned the current rates of service charges levied in response to this and worry some charges may increase to enable social distancing and PPE usage.

We have set up this webinar with Pascale Mezac, author of "Service Charges: A Guide for Housing Associations", to discuss issues relating to the response of housing associations to service charges during the pandemic.

The session will be hosted by CHC and you will have the opportunity to ask questions both in advance (please send them to terryanne-oconnell@chcymru.org.uk) and throughout.

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Thursday 28th of May, 14:00 - 14:45pm
Health & Safety: Dealing with Covid-19

We’ve teamed up with TSW to deliver a health and safety webinar which will focus on HSE guidance on managing risk and the practical application of it. We will particularly be looking at planning and priorities of returning to work, as well as homeworking for those who will be working from home on a permanent basis.

 TSW will guide us through the available guidance and advice from different governing bodies, which is currently changing on a daily basis, and you will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

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Please submit your questions in advance to terryanne-oconnell@chcymru.org.uk

 Are there any issues you’d like us to cover in our webinar series? We’re all ears! Get in touch with Edwina O’Hart

Past webinars

Covid-19 Support Session for Social Housing: Keeping tenants safe (Tuesday 26th May)

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Adapting to the new world of work and maintaining Resilience (Thursday 21st May)

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Board assurance: Are you ready for post Covid-19? (Wednesday 13th May)

Pensions update: Improving your Balance Sheet and COVID-19 and your pension options (Monday 11th May)

Communicating during the Covid-19 crisis (Wednesday 29th April)

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HR implications of COVID-19 (Thursday 16th April)

Supporting your board during the COVID-19 crisis (Tuesday 14th April)

Managing your Mental Health and Well Being (Wednesday 8th April)

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On the ground: Letting properties during the lockdown (Tuesday 7th April)

Leading a remote team in times of crisis (Tuesday 7th April)

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Gas Safety: What is the law? (Wednesday 1st April)

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Furloughing Staff: Legal considerations (Wednesday 1st April)

What does COVID-19 mean for Regulation in Wales? (Tuesday 31st March)

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Shared resources – legal considerations for collaborative working (Friday 27 March 2020)

Led by Emily Powell, Partner at Hugh James Solicitors.