Consultations (Open and Closed)

CHC respond to a number of consultations and Assembly or Parliamentary inquiries. We do so in collaboration with our members, and CHC Group members where relevant. If you would like to contribute to an open consultation, please contact the relevant member of CHC staff. For contact details and information on each member of staff, click here.

Open consultations:

Closed consultations:

Funding for Supported Housing February 2017

Commons Inquiry Into Funding for Supported Housing February 2017

Improving Lives Green Paper: Work, Health and Disability Consultation February 2017

Exceptions to the limiting of the individual Child Element of Child Tax Credit and the Child Element of Universal Credit to a maximum of two children November 2016

Energy Company Obligation (ECO): Help to Heat August 2016

Social Housing Rent Standard and related Guidance- August 2016

DECC Consultation on the Warm Home Discount Scheme-May 2016

CHC and Cymorth future funding of supported housing submission- DWP- June 2016

Mandatory Quality Standards for new, rehabilitated and existing homes- April 2016

Consultation on Together for Mental Health – Delivery Plan 2016 – 2019 - April 2016.

Proposed changes to Technical Advice Note 20: Planning and the Welsh Language. March 2016

Proposals to improve outcomes for prepayment customers -February 2016

Priority Services Register Review – Final Proposals-February 2016

Energy efficiency call for evidence - February 2016

Information and guidance on domestic abuse and sexual violence: Safeguarding older people (60+) in Wales-February 2016

Draft statutory guidance on “Ask and Act” under section 15 of the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015-January 2016

Green growth  - Janaury 2016

Public Health Outcomes Framework for Wales - January 2016

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015: How do you measure a nation’s progress? -January 2016

Community Housing Cymru Group and Tai Pawb response Refugee and Asylum Seeker Delivery Plan Consultation Response-December 2015

Consultation on the Draft statutory guidance on the National Training Framework on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence-December 2015

DECC consultation on a review of the feed-in tariffs scheme -October 2015

Draft statutory guidance under the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 Effective Multi-Agency Collaboration Guidance Consultation Response-October 2015

Welsh Government ENERGY EFFICIENCY strategy -September 2015

Smart Energy Future for Wales- Friday 4th September

Inquiry into the Timeliness and Accuracy of Benefit Delivery by the DWP -  Friday 4th September

Vibrant and Viable Places MAG response- 15th May 2015

White Paper on the future of the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire - 16th April 2015

Renting Homes Bill - 27th March

Consideration of powers: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales - 20th March 2015

Consultation on the statutory instruments under part 2 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 - 26th February 2015

Consultation on proposals for further refroms to Court fees 26th February 2015

WG23275: Consultation on Planning and Related Decisions by the Welsh Ministers - 30th January 2015

Inquiry into Poverty in Wales - 30th January

Revised Child Poverty Strategy for Wales - 29th January

Planning committees, delegation and joint planning boards- 23rd January

Design in the planning process- 23rd January

Frontloading the development management system- 23rd January

Review of Planning Application Fees- 23rd January

Consultation into Universal Credit data sharing between DWP and local support providers - 12th January

The development of an energy efficiency strategy for Wales - 9 January 2015

Appendix 1 - measured impacts of energy efficient schemes - 9 January 2015

National Training Framework on gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence - 19th December 2014

Inquiry into benefit sanctions - Friday 12 December 2014

Draft Guidance on housing associations board member renumeration - 8th December 2014

Warm Home Discount Extension to 2015/16 - 13th November 2014

General Principles of Planning - 7th November 2014

A consultation on the proposal to take account of surplus earnings from the prior 6-month period when a person reclaims Universal Credit. - 7th November 2014

Waiting days for Universal Credit Claimants - 17th October 2014

Public consultation on draft regulations for sharing data with social landlords - 19th October 2014

Renting Homes: Illustrative Model Contract - 14th October 2014

Draft Technical Advice Note 1 – Joint Housing Land Availability Studies - 10 October 2014

Draft Guidance on notifiable event for registered social landlords - 19 October 2014

Code of Governance  - (AO)

Devolution, Democracy and Delivery White Paper – Reforming Local Government - 1st October 2014

Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) Bill CHC response, October 2014

Residential Property Management Services CHC response, September 2014

Review of the Priority Services Register - CHC response, September 2014

Gender-Based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill - CHC response, September 2014

Social Security Advisory Committee Consultation: The Social Security (Waiting Days) Amendment Regulations 2014 - CHC response, June 2014

Balancing the responsibilities for skills investment: proposals for co-investment in post-19 adult skills delivery - CHC response May 2014

Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) Bill - CHC response April 2014

Future of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - CHC response April 2014

Rent arrears deductions in Universal Credit - CHC Response, April 2014

Consultation on Draft Planning Bill - CHC Response, February 2014

Response to consultations and inquiries that took place before 2014 are all available from CHC. Please contact Hayley Macnamara for further information.