Communicating the Changes: Your Benefits are Changing campaign

The ‘Your Benefits are Changing’ Campaign has been set up to raise awareness of welfare reform. It enables our members to communicate consistent messages in a non–corporate way. We encourage all members to adopt the branding to ensure that consistent messages are communicated to staff, tenants and the wider public to save costs for all involved.

The current phase of the campaign is funded by the Oak Foundation and our message is: 'What’s your priority?'

To date, for every £1 spent on advice provision and awareness raising, £6.50 has been saved for those we’ve advised.

How to get involved:

Over 100 organisations have signed up to support the campaign including housing associations, local authorities and advice agencies.

We have designed a range of campaign materials for you to download and use. These materials can be tailored to include your organisation's details. If you would like to get involved with the campaign contact or

Please click here to find out which materials are available. We cannot pay for printing costs but the materials are freely available for you to use.