UK General Election 2015

General Election Specialist Briefing - post election 

The 2015 UK General Election results gave the Conservative party a majority of 12 seats in the UK parliament. Following their best performance in the last 30 years, the Conservatives will now form the next UK Government as a single party.

So what does this mean for housing in Wales? We've produced a specialist briefing paper to sum up the impact which you can view below:

General Election 2015 - Specialist briefing

We compiled a joint submission prior to the Emergency Budget on 8th July with the National Housing Federation, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations. The submission focuses on reducing the benefit bill by helping people into work: 

Joint submission to the emergency budget


Manifesto Breakdown - pre election

The four main Political Parties have now released their manifestos for the upcoming General Election in May. Polls suggest that there will be no overall winner so the competition is tougher than ever for the parties to get their messages across. The following is a summary of the parties’ pledges that will affect the sector and how they relate to CHC's manifesto asks:

Summary of political party manifestos for 2015 UK General Election 


Homes for Britain

Community Housing Cymru recently joined forces with CIH Cymru and the wider Homes for Britain campaign to call on all political parties to end the housing crisis within a generation.

On 17 March, 2,500 housing professionals, tenants, social housing providers and private landlords assembled in Westminster to support the Homes for Britain Rally - amplifying the call to all parties.

Housing is devolved to Wales, but we supported this campaign to ensure that we are helping to raise housing up the political agenda and helping members of the public to understand how the housing crisis affects them - directly or indirectly. It was also the start of our campaigning for the Welsh Assembly Elections in 2016.

To ensure that Welsh MPs were involved in conversations on the day that housing was the key focus in and around Westminster, we organised a lunchtime reception for Welsh MPs in the House of Commons. Housing is about much more than bricks and mortar and the decisions they make in Westminster have an impact on our work and our ability to deliver for local communities.

To help tackle the housing crisis in Wales and to enable our sector to fulfil our potential and continue the good work we already do, we need the incoming Government in Westminister to assist in a number of ways:

Read our manifesto here: Together... let's end the housing crisis within a generation 

For further information, please contact Sioned Hughes on or 029 2067 4816.