Renting Homes Bill

In its White Paper for Better Lives and Communities, Welsh Government set out a commitment to a bill on tenure reform during this Assembly. This Bill, which is expected to be introduced during 2015, will be based closely on the “Renting Homes” report published by the Law Commission in 2006.

The proposed Bill will provide a legal framework for renting a home that is fair, simple and efficient. It will help both tenants and landlords and enable the housing system to work more effectively.

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Following the publication of the White Paper “Renting Homes: A better way for Wales” on 20th May 2013, the proposals made during consultation were presented at three Welsh Government events in North, Mid and South Wales and featured at over 20 other stakeholder events, reaching over 1000 people. The consultation ended on 16th August 2013 and attracted over 170 responses. 

All the responses have now been analysed and a summary is available via the this link: White Paper - Summary of Response