Ministerial Working Group

A Ministerial working group has been set up to look at developing statutory guidance to underpin the new homelessness legislation to assist  the move away from “processing” to “problem solving”.  We have been asked to communicate the work of the group and seek feedback from members at appropriate intervals.  Meetings will be held every 2 months.

The Ministerial Working Group working met for the second time on the 20th June and below is a summary of the meeting:

  •  The Group recognised the importance of the Code in driving forward the new approach that will be required when the new legislation is implemented.
  •  The Group agreed that the Code will be a new Code and not a revision of the existing Code and that the opportunity to use plain language wherever possible will be taken.
  •  The Group agreed that the structure of the Code will follow the structure of the new duties to be included in the Housing Bill. 
  •  The Group reached an initial agreement on the format of the Code to include for all areas statement of legal duty, detailed guidance, illustration (e.g. flowchart) and hypothetical examples to help interpret the law for some key areas.
  •  An initial discussion took place to identify priorities for the Group's work programme. Prevention and alleviation were recognised  as a high priority.
  •  The Group discussed a set of principles that will underpin the discussions and work of the group in the development of the new statutory guidance, these are being finalised and will be made available after the next meeting which is on July 25th 2013.

CHC representatives on the group are and All comments and feedback are welcomed.