Housing Development

CHC's members provide over 153,000 homes and housing services throughout Wales.

One of CHC’s objectives is to encourage and facilitate the provision, construction, improvement and management of low cost social housing by housing associations in Wales.

Housing Pact

CHC Group and members have signed a pact with the Welsh Government to deliver 10,000 new and affordable homes in Wales between 2011 and 2016.

The pact supports the delivery of the increased target, setting out commitments from the Welsh Government and the housing association sector for the remainder of this administration.

The pact commits the Welsh Government to:

  • ensuring a sustainable rent policy is in place for the 5-year period 2014-19
  • continue to provide capital investment through Social Housing Grant to build on the £82M allocated in 2013/2014 and £58M confirmed for 2014/2015.
  • working with the housing association sector to further innovate to deliver affordable homes building on the experience of the Housing Finance Grant and the Welsh Housing Partnership
  • taking action to make publicly owned land available for housing
  • undertaking a review of Development Quality Requirements and other development related regulation
  • implementing the risk-based regulatory framework via relationship management and a co-regulation approach
  • progressing the positive planning agenda

The pact commits the housing association movement - represented by Community Housing Cymru to:

  • ensuring that all associations work in partnership with the Welsh Government, local authorities and others to deliver the new affordable housing target of 10,000 homes for the period 2011-16
  • maximising community benefits through investment and other opportunities
  • striving for the highest standards of governance through implementation of a governance improvement agenda supported by a new Code of Governance for the sector and including a drive for gender balanced boards
  • working with the Welsh Government to embed risk-based regulation and co-regulation.

Here is the link to the pact: http://chcymru.org.uk/en/view-news/welsh-government-and-community-housing-cymru-launch-housing-supply-pact