Rural Housing Week 2013

Rural Housing Week took place across Wales week commencing 20th May 2013.

We have produced an evaluation report in order to capture media coverage, member activity, engagement on social media channels and the general buzz surrounding the week. You can read the report here:

Rural Housing Week 2013 - evaluation

Do you think housing in rural areas is vital for sustainable communities, or are you a BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Never Again)? If you're not a BANANA, please click here to show your support.

We produced a pack for the week in order to highlight the importance of rural housing issues, to suggest different ways in which you can get involved and to encourage you to engage with your political representatives. By coordinating our efforts, Rural Housing Week demonstrated our commitment to working in partnership to deliver affordable housing to decision makers at a regional and local level in order to build truly sustainable communities.

You can download the pack here:

Rural Housing Week 2013 - Pack