Bringing empty homes back into use

There are a staggering 31,000 empty homes across Wales which could provide much needed accommodation for those seeking housing. At a time of recession and welfare reform maintaining the supply of affordable housing is essential. Many agree that renovating empty homes provides an alternative to new development in order to meet this need.

Empty Properties can lead to social, economic and environmental concerns including:

  • Creating eyesores which are a target for nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  • Decreasing the value of neighbouring properties.
  • Contributing to a housing shortage in the neighbourhood.
  • Increasing pressure for housing development on Greenfield sites to meet housing demand.
  • Burdening the local authority with lost revenue from council tax and the time and resources spent by Public Health, Building Control, Fire Authority and Police Services.

Housing associations are actively taking a lead in this agenda forming successful partnerships with local authorities and financing the renovation of long-term empty properties.

To view examples of housing association empty homes schemes visit the Good Practice section.