Housing associations and community mutuals in Wales are regulated by the Welsh Government.    

In 2008 the Essex report advocated a new regulatory framework for the housing association and community mutual sector, characterised by robust local self-assessment and a rigorous, risk-based and proportionate regulatory approach.

In April 2012, Welsh Government published a new Regulatory Framework which was approved by the Regulatory Board for Wales.

How we regulate? - April 2012

New Regulation Framework

The values underpinning the new framework are:

  • Effective relationships between organisations and their local stakeholders with the new Senior Regulation Managers which allow for the overall Whole Association Assessment.
  • Boards which deliver effective governance.
  • Ensuring self assessment is not a prescriptive process, but allows a local approach to reflect local circumstance.
  • Establishing clear standards of service that underpin self assessment and evaluation.
  • Supporting the challenge of building board capacity and empowerment to drive self assessment and change.
  • The importance of the role/skills of the new Senior Regulation Coordinators in building effective local relationships with housing associations and stakeholders, and managing the overall Whole Association Assessment.
  • Embedding a critical focus on financial viability and financial management arrangements into self assessment and the WAA processes.
  • Ensuring the strategic housing enabling role of local authorities and relationships with housing associations are properly reflected.
  • Ensuring the framework allows for evaluation of engagement with, and contribution to, broader community based strategies and initiatives.
  • Considering the potential for a more holistic regulation of all social housing.

Welsh Government Circulars

These are a list of Welsh Government Circulars that apply to RSLs operating in Wales:

Circulars - Register of Circulars from 2010

Schedule of HA Circulars