Supporting People Programme Grant


The Supporting People Programme is the main way in which the supported housing services provided by our members are funded. The programme was reviewed in 2010 by a team led by Prof. Sir Mansel Aylward. The Aylward review found that the programme was successfully delivering key housing and support service to a range of vulnerable groups across Wales. The review produced a number of recommendations in developing the programme further, these included:

  • How the Programme’s funds are allocated and distributed throughout Wales;
  • New structures for administration, commissioning and oversight of delivering services;
  • Improving governance, planning, funding, service delivery and regulation;
  • More tangible outcomes and evaluation; and
  • Ways of estimating the cost-effectiveness and value for money of the Programme

Following the Aylward review there was a shift from two separate funding streams (Supporting People Revenue Grant and Supporting People Grant) to one unified grant named the Supporting People Programme Grant.

You can view the report in full here.


Supporting People – Review of the Transition Year

Sept 2014

Following the independent review of the Supporting People transition year, the final report has now been published. The research aimed to review the structures put in place in 2012 following the Aylward recommendations.

The objectives of the research included the assessment of the planning and commission arrangements for Supporting People, the interrelation between national, regional and local arrangements and stakeholder awareness of the programme.

The full report can be accessed here.