Development, Asset Management and Fire Safety

Housing associations and community mutuals are more than just landlords. One of the most important services they deliver to their tenants is the repairs service. While these can be reactive in responding to fix problems, associations take a strategic approach to the maintenance, improvement and repair of their homes.

There is a constant cycle of work to keep homes in a good state of repair, and to replace doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens and so on. Associations also have to ensure that their homes meet the changing needs of their tenants, so they regularly carry out work to adapt homes when tenants’ mobility needs change as a result of accident, illness or increasing old age.

This work demands that associations have strategies that set priorities and help to direct resources where they are most needed over a period of years. Rather than see this work as simply maintaining homes, many see this as managing their assets – making sure they repair, renew and improve to increasingly strict standards.

Associations are working towards the deadline to meet the Welsh Government’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard – a standard they will have to maintain into the future. Information on the WHQS is here

Housing associations must also meet the ‘Development Quality Requirements (DQR)’ standards.  For further information, please see here