Housing Pact

In a five-year agreement, Welsh Government and the official bodies representing housing associations and councils in Wales, signed a pact to work together to help deliver Welsh Government’s 20,000 affordable housing target.

The housing association sector in Wales has committed to delivering at least 12,500 of these new homes, a big increase on previous years.  Many local authorities will be delivering a significant number of new homes for the first time in years and between them, they have promsied to provide a minimum of 13,500 properties.

The Housing Supply Pact will also create thousands of training and employment opportunities as well as apprenticeships by 2021.

The pact, between Welsh Government, Community Housing Cymru (CHC) and the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) will be unveiled today at CHC’s Annual Conference in Cardiff.    

Welsh Government plan to invest over £1.5 billion in affordable homes during this term of government. 

Housing associations have been instrumental in helping Welsh Government exceed its previous five-year target of 10,000 affordable homes. Last year, 94 percent of those were built by housing associations.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru, says housing associations continue to make a huge difference to lives and to the Welsh economy.  

“Our members provide homes for some of the most vulnerable people in Wales, providing them with the support and care that just isn’t available anywhere else.  They also make a huge contribution to the Welsh economy and for every £1 spent by a housing association, 90p remains in Wales, benefiting local business and communities.

Housing associations will be involved in creating up to 12,500 training and employment opportunities, which will mean new jobs and apprenticeships.  There will also be skills development and support for 25,000 people.”

Steve Thomas, Chief Executive of the WLGA, says local authorities already work closely with housing associations.

He added: “Our partnership of the public, private and third sectors is arguably one of the most successful of its kind in the UK in recent years.  By combining our skills we will make a big difference to so many people in Wales creating neighbourhoods where people want to live and work.

“A number of local authority landlords will also be building new homes themselves, and local councils will continue to play an important role, making land available for new homes and working together with partners to fulfil this target.  This is a historic partnership that will benefit everyone in Wales.”

Read the full Housing Supply Pact here.