How was the review undertaken?

The review was led by an independent panel, Chaired by Lynn Pamment, Cardiff Senior Partner and Government & Public Services Lead at PWC.  Information on the full membership of the panel is available here. 

The panellists will be supported by civil servants, and a number of representatives from housing organisations, including representatives from CHC and the housing association sector. Each member of the panel will lead one of ten different work streams. A full list of workstream reps is available here. 

  1. Understanding housing need
  2. Grant and intervention rates
  3. Rent policy
  4. Standards & DQR
  5. Local Authority Building
  6. Construction supply chain including modern methods of construction
  7. Public Sector Land
  8. Capacity of public sector and housing associations
  9. Use of existing powers
  10. Leveraging the investment potential in stock transfer and Local Authority organisations

We submitted our response to the Independent Panel’s Call for Evidence on Friday 14th September. Read it in full here.