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02 April 2024

Introducing Quantum Advisory as a new commercial partner

Introducing Quantum Advisory as a new commercial partner

As part of a series of posts on Community Housing Cymru’s new commercial partners, Stuart Price, Partner and Actuary, explains why Quantum Advisory chose to form a new partnership with our sector.

Why did Quantum Advisory want to be a CHC commercial partner?

"We are headquartered in Wales and already work very closely with a large number of Welsh based housing associations. We would love opportunity to work with more Welsh based housing associations. Being a commercial partner of CHC will give us the opportunity to champion, within the sector, employers communicating financial information to their employees in a simple and concise way and to promote the Living Pension, both of which we are very passionate about".

What benefits can Quantum Advisory bring to our housing association members and the work that they do?

"We are an independent financial services consultancy that provides pension and employee benefit services to employers and their staff. Our independent status means that we can pursue goals without interference from external shareholders. This allows us to focus on servicing clients, which is what we are passionate about and excel at.

Becoming a commercial partner with CHC will enhance our relationship with the Welsh housing sector and that is so important to us. Being a commercial partner will allow us to pass on our knowledge, expertise and experience to CHC members so they can make informed decisions when it comes to pensions, employee benefits and investments.

Using our expertise, we provide employers with a personable service as, in our experience, one employer is never the same and our advice is delivered in a clear and precise manner. Our aim is to ensure that employers can provide pension and employee benefits that are affordable to them and their staff, and the benefits are appreciated by staff, which in turn assists with the retention of staff and attraction of new staff".

What services do you offer?

Quantum Advisory assists housing associations with their pension and employee benefit arrangements. We design, maintain and review pension schemes and employee benefit arrangements to ensure they are operating effectively. We provide advice on standalone pension schemes as well as multi-employer schemes such as Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS), Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and group personal defined contribution pension arrangements. In relation to employee benefit arrangements we provide advice on death in service, ill health and private medical arrangements.

Our team of experts have helped many employers reduce the cost of, or completely exit, their LGPS or other pension arrangements and establish alternative benefit packages for employees. Any benefit changes need to be communicated to employees clearly so they are understood. We assist employers by drafting employee consultation documents, providing statements with employee specific pension projections illustrating how the changes impact them, delivering group employee presentations backed up with one-to-one employee sessions.

We also help employers set up salary exchange arrangements where significant national insurance savings can be enjoyed by both employers and their employees.

We take pride in having a close relationship with our clients and encourage them to use as little or as much of our expertise as they feel is needed.

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