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11 May 2023

Introducing Hugh James as a new commercial partner member

Introducing Hugh James as a new commercial partner member

As part of a series of posts on Community Housing Cymru’s new commercial partner members, Richard Macphail, partner and head of social housing, explains why Hugh James chose to form a new partnership with our sector.

Why did Hugh James want to be a CHC commercial partner member, and join up with the Welsh housing association sector?

"Working closely with Community Housing Cymru (CHC) enables Hugh James to continue to have the sector insight which our clients tell us they really value. When advising clients it is important that they have the confidence that we have a strong understanding of the wider challenges they are working to address combined with experience of collaboration, the Welsh context and knowledge of pioneering approaches adopted elsewhere.

"The regular conversations we have with CHC mean that we can remain a step ahead in anticipating solutions that will be cost effective, designing bespoke training, involving leading speakers from our network and forging links between clients.

"From our 40 years working with the social housing sector in Wales, we know how essential it is that we take a holistic approach and see the wider context of the decisions our clients need to make and CHC always helps us do that. It is also important to us that we continue to support the sector and we know the value of the sharing opportunities that CHC lead through conferences, training, updates and influencing policy."

What benefits can Hugh James bring to our housing association members and the work that they do?

"We have had some really successful collaborations with CHC where we were able to identify trends in the advice clients needed and respond to them with a bespoke solution shared by the entire sector. We are proud of our role in the communities that CHC members build and nurture and want to continue helping them to do more by alleviating logjams in legal processes, breaking down the complexities and always finding a way through.

"Our lawyers are also keen to contribute to the social initiatives that go hand-in-hand with building a community and can provide volunteers and a variety of different kinds of support to contribute to their success."

What services do you offer?

  • Advice on development

  • HR

  • Governance and regulation

  • Corporate and treasury

  • Housing management

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