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11 May 2023

Introducing Travis Perkins Managed Services as a new commercial partner member

Introducing Travis Perkins Managed Services as a new commercial partner member

As part of a series of posts on Community Housing Cymru’s new commercial partner members, Luke Thurston, regional director, and Andrew Craig, account manager, explain why Travis Perkins Managed Services chose to form a new partnership with our sector.

Why did Travis Perkins Managed Services want to be a CHC commercial partner member, and join up with the Welsh housing association sector?

"Travis Perkins Managed Services recognise that Community Housing Cymru (CHC) plays a vital role in supporting and representing the housing association sector in Wales, and in ensuring that people in Wales have access to affordable homes and thriving communities

"We’re proud to partner with CHC in delivering materials to more than 250,000 people and the homes they live in, supporting a wide range of fabric improvements that will ensure their homes are warm, healthy, and efficient.

"Our goal of building better communities and enriching lives is aligned with CHC’s mission to promote good practice and work with partners to ensure that housing associations can make a positive difference in people's lives."

What benefits can Travis Perkins Managed Services bring to our housing association members and the work that they do?

"Travis Perkins Managed Services aims to provide a broad catalogue of high-quality products that will fulfil the needs of tenants. We’re proud to provide sustainable products and services which can help tenants save money on their utility bills and reduce their environmental impact.

"Many of the digital tools we provide our customers; TPGO Order and TPGO Data provide the landlord with the ability to increase their first-fix rate ensuring that the tenants repairs and maintenance experience is timely and effective.

"Travis Perkins Managed Services are proud to innovate new products and services which will support CHC customers in their regular inspections and maintenance, driving preventative repairs and maintenance, in addition to delivering on reactive repairs.

"Overall, partnering with Travis Perkins Managed Services ensures that tenants of CHC members have access to a wide range of benefits including fulfilment of quality products, competitive prices, convenient supply and delivery to maintenance and repair services, and innovative technologies.”

What services do you offer?

  • TPGO Order: Your mobile digital solution to enable goods ordering on the move.

  • TPGO Data: Your data how you want it - informing the decisions which drive your business.

  • TPGO Self-Serve: Out of hours materials, at sites that are local to you.

  • Fulfilment centres: Your orders picked and ready for collection, timed for further efficiency for your business.

  • Van stocks: The right materials are stocked in full per trade, supporting you to deliver a quality repairs and maintenance service through a productive mobile workforce.

  • A managed store: With a managed store facility, a totally bespoke service, we ensure that your business is uninterrupted. We can work with you to supply and manage your existing store, or we can support you to develop a new stores offering.

  • Dedicated personnel- We’re the largest specialist team dedicated to the repairs and maintenance industry, our teams pride themselves on understanding our customers and providing expert advice. In addition to building tailored solutions we are responsive and reliable and build strong relationships committed to your success.

  • Your community partner: We work in partnership with you and your tenants to deliver social value which can produce long-term benefits to your communities, improving the lives of your residents by building thriving resilient communities.

Find out more from Travis Perkins Managed Services

Email managedservices@travisperkins.co.uk

Call Andrew Craig, account manager, on 07581 013575

Visit the Travis Perkins Managed Services website and follow on LinkedIn