Model Rules

The Model Rules were originally developed and launched in 2013 with the intention of providing the sector with a framework to help support consideration locally if and when Associations decided to review their own rules and arrangements.  It was also hoped that this would reduce the internal resource and legal cost burden on individual Associations if/when they came to review their own rules.  Please note that the Model Rules are not mandatory.

The rules have been written with the intention of being sufficiently generic to allow for use by all Housing Associations and include sets of options to support the core model rules to meet a range of different needs, split deliberately into five distinct sections to reflect:

  • Generic options to the base model for all Housing Associations;
  • Group, parent and subsidiary options;
  • Options specifically relating to LSVTs & Community Mutuals (where they are similar);
  • Any additional options specifically relating only to Community Mutuals; and
  • Co-optee options.

You can also find a short guidance note for Associations below on rule amendments and approval routes that includes an aide memoire, and a checklist for submission to the Financial Conduct Authority. Please contact Aaron Hill if you have any questions.

Model Rules

Guidance Note