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Housing Matters

Every year, Community Housing Cymru and Cymorth Cymru work together to ensure social housing is central to Welsh government thinking as it publishes its latest budget.

We are now calling on Welsh Government to increase the Housing Support Grant (HSG) in its budget for 2024/25.

The HSG is Welsh Government’s principal funding stream for preventing homelessness and supporting independent living. Every year, the services that the grant funds help more than 60,000 people to avoid homelessness, escape abuse, live in their own homes and thrive in their communities.

Through the provision of refuge, supported accommodation and tenancy support services, the HSG also prevents people from sleeping rough, enables people to leave abusive relationships, helps people to overcome mental health problems, and works with people to build on their strengths and fulfil their aspirations.

However, our updated research across homelessness and housing support services shows that the current lack of funding is negatively affecting service delivery, and services are no longer able to withstand cuts. Ultimately, this means that there is now a very real risk of service collapse if there is no increase in HSG funding.

As we face this very real prospect, the services themselves are facing increased demand and complexity. In fact, demand for Welsh homelessness and housing support services has never been greater.

Our research found that, if there is no increase in funding:

  • 77% of support providers are likely to reduce capacity in their services;

  • 40% are likely to hand back existing contracts;

  • 67% are likely not to bid for new or re-tendered contracts.

As Welsh Government makes key decisions about its budget for 2024/25, the message from our sector is clear: services desperately need a funding injection to ensure that the tens of thousands of people who rely on vital housing support services are able to get the crucial help they need.

Read our 2024/25 Housing Matters research report via the link below.

Get involved in the campaign

We are looking to add as many voices to our campaign as possible this year, to ensure that our sector’s experiences and asks are heard by Welsh Government.

We’ve produced a campaign pack with details on what we have done so far, what’s next, how you can help, and key messages to share. Click the download below to access the pack, and visit Cymorth’s website to download the #HousingMattersWales social media graphics.

Day of action: 1 December 2023

On Friday 1 December, we are holding a Housing Matters day of action, which will start with an online briefing for members of the Senedd.

Ahead of and on the day we are encouraging support providers to make as much noise as possible, on social media and directly with local MSs. Further suggestions on how to raise awareness are included in the campaign pack.