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08 July 2024

CHC launches fundraising partnership with Shelter Cymru

CHC launches fundraising partnership with Shelter Cymru

At Community Housing Cymru (CHC), we are dedicated to supporting brilliance within housing associations, ensuring that their vision of a Wales where good housing is a basic right for all becomes a reality. As part of our commitment to creating thriving communities, we are proud to announce our fundraising partnership in support of Shelter Cymru.

Shelter Cymru shares our conviction that home is everything. In collaboration with them, we are determined to address the pressing housing emergency in Wales. Our housing associations, spread across communities in Wales, go beyond bricks and mortar. They actively engage with communities and partners, amplifying their impact to create a positive and lasting change.

We will be fundraising for Shelter Cymru over the coming year to help support this crucial endeavour. Every contribution makes a difference, bringing us one step closer to ensuring every individual in Wales has access to good quality, affordable homes. Together, we can build a better future and make housing a fundamental right for all.

We will help to enable Shelter Cymru to continue its vital work towards ending the housing crisis in Wales. By supporting our fundraising efforts, you become an integral part of the solution, making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and families.

We’ll be keeping you updated on our fundraising efforts and if you’d like to get involved, please just get in touch.

Together, we can make a lasting difference and create a Wales where everyone has a place to call home.