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31 July 2023

Community Housing Cymru statement: Disposable income figures

Community Housing Cymru statement: Disposable income figures

New research from Asda's Income Tracker shows that disposable income dropped in the second quarter of this year, and is down 3.7% annually.

According to the data, Wales is among the worst performers across all regions analysed for spending power growth during this period. Gross income rose at an annual rate of 5.5% in the second quarter - however this was the weakest improvement of all the regions surveyed.

At Community Housing Cymru we have been campaigning to highlight the significant impact the cost of living crisis has had on low income earners and some people living in housing associations across Wales.

Our cost of living policy and external affairs manager Hayley Macnamara shared her opinion on the latest figures:

"People living in housing association homes are among those hardest hit by the cost of living crisis, and are seeing their household budgets shrink even further at a time when every penny really counts.

"Housing associations and their partners are continuing to do all they can to help families at this incredibly difficult time but national support is still evidently crucial.

"At Community Housing Cymru, we are currently undertaking in-depth research with our members to identify tenants' greatest concerns to ensure they get access to the most relevant support."

Find out about Community Housing Cymru's work on the cost of living in our dedicated Cost of Living Hub.