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02 November 2023

Response: Plaid Cymru calls for introduction of energy social tariff

Response: Plaid Cymru calls for introduction of energy social tariff

Plaid Cymru has called for the UK Government to include the introduction of an energy social tariff in the King's speech on November 7.

In response, our policy and external affairs manager Hayley Macnamara has said the introduction of the tariff is vital to enable those on lower incomes to heat their homes without falling into further debt this winter.

The energy social tariff would be a discounted, targeted tariff aimed at those in greatest need, including those at risk of fuel poverty and some housing association tenants.

These measures would offer a long-term solution for those most at risk, and allow them to access the energy they urgently need as living costs continue to rise.

Hayley said: “This winter will be worse for many people - but particularly for those living in housing association homes who continue to be among the hardest hit by the cost of living crisis.

“With energy bills now almost double pre-cost of living crisis levels, it is crucial that a social energy tariff is introduced to ensure people on lower incomes, including many housing association tenants, can heat their homes without the fear of rising debt.

“We stand alongside a coalition of charities, including NEA Cymru, in urging the UK Government to support people struggling with energy-related debts.

"Housing associations and their partners are doing all they can to help people at this challenging time. We would encourage anyone living in a housing association home in Wales to get in touch with their landlord if they are concerned about financial difficulties.”