Board Members

There are over 550 voluntary board members on the boards of housing associations across Wales, and they play a vital role in the sector.


  • Have ultimate responsibility for registered social landlord governance.
  • Determine strategic direction, define policies and establish personnel, programme and risk management systems that ensure aims and objectives are achieved within a clear framework of organisational values and objectives.
  • Exercise effective control and ensure financial, legal and service obligations are properly fulfilled.

With the new Welsh Government regulatory framework which places considerable emphasis on self-assessment, there is an increasing focus on registered social landlord boards in terms of their ability to have oversight of their organisations, provide constructive challenges and ensure that registered social landlords thrive in what is a challenging environment.

Being a board member is therefore a significant responsibility. CHC recognises this and provides support to board members in a number of ways - have a look through this section of the website for more information.

The CHC contact for any queries is Claire McDougall – contact Claire on 029 2067 4806 or