Corporate Plan

CHC's Corporate Plan 2016-19 details how we will continue to act as one voice on behalf of the sector and will work on behalf of our members to influence, connect, support and inform so that they can continue to invest in communities and change lives.

Our Corporate Plan 2016-19 can be read here.

Our Focus for 2018/19

Find out which priorities we're focusing on in 2018/19, agreed in conjunction with our members: Our Focus for 2018/19.

Corporate Plan for 2019-2022
We have been working with members to develop our Corporate Plan for 2019-2022, inviting them to have their say on what their priorities are. More information can be found here. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all who contributed to the consultation. The final plan will be presented our Board in January and will be live from 1st April 2019.