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Housing Horizons: our 20 year vision for housing associations in Wales

Over the next 20 years, what difference will housing associations make?

In 2017, we launched our 20-year vision for Wales: in 2036, we want the country to be a place where good housing is a basic right for all.

We know that good housing makes a difference to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you rent, own or something in between. We build our lives in and from our homes. When our home doesn’t work for us, it affects our lives. It affects the lives of our families. It fundamentally affects the prosperity of our places because good housing is the cornerstone of a stable community that invests in itself.

Housing associations in Wales have a big ambition to meet this basic right. We have a strong track record of building, investing and reinvesting. We’ve been doing it for fifty years and are in this for the long term. We have been working in communities across Wales towards this purpose for generations. It’s what we do. It’s what we will always do.

Our homes are not just seen as bricks and mortar; they are used to attract investment which is ploughed back into Wales. Services are built around these homes and they provide a foundation for social and community connections.

To find out more, please watch the video below and download our campaign document.