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21 December 2022

How Melin Homes helps residents into work

How Melin Homes helps residents into work

In addition to financial advice, Melin Homes has a dedicated team that supports tenants into work, improving their personal finances and boosting their wellbeing. Will Rees, Melin Homes communications officer, explains more.

The last few years have seen our residents face an increasingly difficult financial environment. We support them with a range of advice, information and guidance relating to their household finances - it is an important part of our work and helps us to build resilient communities and sustainable tenancies. But we saw the need to go further than this locally, which is why we also have a dedicated employment team. This group of knowledgeable staff specialise in helping residents into work.

Paula, Daf and Aaron, who make up the team, work closely with residents on all manner of things related to employment and training. Some of the support they provide includes:

  • interview techniques;
  • CV writing;
  • support with job applications and admin;
  • pastoral support;
  • arranging interviews and signposting to vacancies;
  • and identifying skill gaps and training opportunities.

In addition, the team is resourced to provide financial support to residents for a range of different things, including funding for: training; work clothes and PPE; transportation; food and shopping vouchers

The results of what the team does and the long term outcomes for residents speak for themselves. Not only do those who have been supported into employment see an improvement in their household finances, but many also report a massive boost to their self-esteem and mental health.

One resident had been out of work for a while as they were looking after their parent who was ill. They came to the employment team looking to get back into the world of work.

Our colleagues met with the resident to discuss interview techniques and gave them regular support with job applications. They also assisted with putting them through a first aid at work course.

It wasn’t plain sailing for the resident. They had to deal with some knocks to their confidence while job hunting as some applications came back unsuccessful, but they soon secured a new job working in security

Reflecting on the case, employment advisor Aaron Carter said: “It has been transformational for the resident. They are now finally able to save money for a rainy day.

“They say they feel more positive when they wake up each morning and are enjoying the structure and purposefulness that comes with being in employment.”

Helping residents to find good jobs with great quality employers is key to helping them transition into stable employment. A great example of this is how a resident who had been out of work for some time due to ill health but was keen to get back into employment.

They were hoping to join the public sector, but encountered some barriers when job seeking as the whole application and admin process was digital. We supported the resident with the extensive level of digital paperwork required and eventually she was successful in getting a job as a catering assistant. We also supported her financially with her travel costs in the first month of their new job as they awaited their first pay cheque.

The resident was thrilled to return to work, saying: “Dafydd and Paula from Melin are great - they go out of their way to help you. They also make you believe you can achieve absolutely anything! I'm so much financially better off working and much happier.”

The economic outlook at present does look gloomy and we are certain to face future pressures on our services, but Melin remains committed to being more than just a landlord. Taking a compassionate and invested approach to the wellbeing and personal circumstances of our residents is in our DNA. Whenever a Melin resident calls for a helping hand, we will be there to grasp it.

Have any questions or would like further information on how this scheme was set up? Email will.rees@melinhomes.co.uk