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10 April 2019

Become a Chair or Vice Chair!

We’re looking for Chairs and Vice Chairs to run our Strategic Delivery Groups.

The Chair and Vice Chair are responsible for:

  • supporting CHC leads on the development of a work plan
  • setting the agenda and chairing meetings

In return you’ll gain:

  • training on effective chairing
  • exposure to other organisations and the work they are doing
  • learning and development opportunities and an opportunity to network

Remember you can read about our Strategic Delivery Groups here.

Interested? Hear what Maxine Wiseman from Trivallis says about her experience:

“All my career I have strived for HR to be recognised as a strategic business function. Being the Chair of the HR SDG enabled me to work with HR professionals across the sector to demonstrate our value and make a meaningful contribution to the strategic direction of housing in Wales, which in turn benefits my own organisation.”

If you’re interested, please send 150 words to Borbala Martos by noon on 15th April explaining why you’re interested in the role, the skills you’ll bring and advising whether you are standing for chair or vice chair.

Your application will go through to a ballot, and we’ll confirm by the beginning of May.