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Demonstrating the value of housing: Health & care toolkit

This toolkit has been developed as a resource to support a range of audiences, including:

- The CHC team in its various campaigning and influencing activity;
- Our housing association members when working alongside health and social care colleagues, including on Regional Partnership Boards;
- Local government colleagues and Members of the Senedd; and
- Our partners across the housing, health, social care and support sectors.

There is an increasing body of evidence showing the value of housing to public services, especially health and social care. Research demonstrates the importance of investing in housing for the significant health and well-being benefits that can be achieved, and the considerable cost savings
that can be made. This briefing summarises evidence, research and case studies that demonstrate the role that housing plays, both to the individual and to the public purse.

This document will be periodically reviewed and updated, and you can find the most recent version on our website. If there are any reports or research that do not feature here but you feel would be valuable, please do let us know.