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14 November 2023

Response: Cost of living support payments

Response: Cost of living support payments

The cross-party Work and Pensions Committee has said that cost-of-living support payments only offer short-term support for people struggling financially and have not addressed the scale of the issue.

The Government needs to widen its eligibility for future payments, according to the committee, while also looking at the particular financial challenges faced by different groups.

Its call comes after an inquiry looked at the support introduced to help protect benefits claimants against inflation and rising energy prices. In its findings, the committee suggested that the Government should consider uprating universal credit - instead of payments being issued.

Our policy and external affairs manager leading on the cost of living crisis, Hayley Macnamara said more needed to be done to make sure the financial needs of housing associations tenants were not forgotten.

She said: “People living in housing association homes continue to be among the hardest hit by the cost of living crisis and they need urgent financial support now.

“It is crucial that benefits are increased in line with inflation so that people on lower incomes, including many living in housing association homes, can afford the very basic living essentials.

“It’s also absolutely vital that there is a review and increase to Universal Credit, this will ensure people get the minimum level of support they need to prevent them from being forced to make even more heart-breaking spending choices.

“We are calling on the UK and Welsh Governments to act now to ensure people living in housing association homes are not forgotten this winter. We would encourage anyone living in a housing association home in Wales to get in touch with their landlord if they are concerned about financial difficulties.”