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18 March 2019

Housing Jobs Wales is now live!

We are delighted today to launch Housing Jobs Wales - Wales' first search engine site for social housing jobs.

The website, which has been created with Charity Job Finder, will host a wide range of social housing roles from trade jobs to Board positions.

The Welsh social housing sector, which currently supports 23,000 full time employees, aims to build 75,000 homes by 2036 and make good housing a basic right for all.

With 85% of the roles needed for 2030 yet to be created, the sector is keen to strengthen its workforce to meet aims, including becoming more innovative and digitally focused.

The website will target job seekers with the right skills so they are aware of the opportunities available. A recent survey led by CHC shows a lack of awareness in job seekers with 34% having never considered a career in housing before.

To tackle misconceptions and inform people outside the sector, the website will also share employees’ stories so people can hear first-hand what a career in social housing looks like.

The social housing sector in Wales has an attractive story to tell - in 2018/2019 it contributed £1.2billion to the Welsh economy. Gender parity is also encouraging with an even number of CEOs from each gender in the cohort. This compares to the national average which shows typically 73% of males make up CEO jobs.

To mark the launch of Housing Jobs Wales, Welsh housing associations are being offered a two month free trial from today.

For more information visit housingjobs.wales or email admin@housingjobs.wales.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive at CHC said:

“We are a vibrant and ambitious sector full of people who want to make a difference. Welsh housing associations are continuously transforming and adapting to meet changing needs, making sure that businesses are resilient and able to cope with future requirements. Yet there remains a challenge to meet a surplus of necessary skills across the sector – and we need to tackle this if we want to meet our aims.

“With over 100 different types of jobs available in the sector, Housing Jobs Wales will give us an opportunity to reach people who might not realise what a career in social housing could offer them. We are really excited to launch the website, and look forward to seeing it grow.”

Matthew Bates, Director of Charity Job Finder said:

“We are delighted to partner with Community Housing Cymru to launch Housing Jobs Wales. A stand-alone job website for the housing sector in Wales will be a fantastic platform for housing groups to advertise their jobs, and for anyone looking for a great career. Having worked in the charity recruitment sector for 20 years, I believe that through our partnership with Community Housing Cymru,we have a real opportunity to make a big difference, and ensure the website becomes the number one job portal for the Welsh housing sector.”