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16 June 2023

CHC’s Bryony Haynes on why TPAS Cymru’s Tenant Pulse report supports retrofitting and energy efficiency

CHC’s Bryony Haynes on why TPAS Cymru’s Tenant Pulse report supports retrofitting and energy efficiency

This week, TPAS Cymru has launched its Annual Net Zero Week 2023.

Net Zero Week gives people working across the Welsh social housing sector the chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing them in the next 20 years.

To kick off its third Net Zero Week, TPAS launched its Net Zero Tenant Pulse Report, which surveyed 700 tenants about energy efficiency, retrofitting properties, and attitudes to Net Zero.

The key findings from this included:

  • Only 20% of housing association tenants said they knew their home’s energy efficiency rating, compared to 23% of local authority tenants.

  • Reducing energy bills and keeping rents low are the most concerning topics to tenants.

  • 78% of housing association 86% of tenants said they had not received any communication from their landlord about Net Zero/decarbonisation works that might be done.

  • 43% said they did not think tenants should have to pay more for low carbon homes.

Here, our policy and external affairs manager Bryony Haynes, who specialises in decarbonisation at Community Housing Cymru, discusses the importance of this report and what it means for the social housing sector.

What impact does this report have for the sector?
The report is a really important tool for us to gain invaluable insight into how tenants feel about retrofitting their properties and how this will help HAs make them more energy efficient. By speaking with tenants and getting their feedback we can work to make retrofitting a long-lasting success.

What did you feel was the biggest takeaway from the report?

The main consideration I think to be taken from the report is that communication between landlords and tenants is paramount.

It’s clearly crucial that the sector looks at this feedback, and adapts how it communicates with its tenants to ensure they are receiving important messages around retrofitting and energy efficiency within their homes.

The journey towards net zero requires a considered balance of achieving ambitious targets in the most cost effective way for both landlords and tenants.

What's next after this report?

In line with TPAS's recommendation, we will be continuing our work to collate and share sector learnings to support housing associations in their approach to retrofit, and also highlight the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.
We'll be developing a central hub of information for our members, as well as hosting spaces for discussion for strategic and technical staff to connect and talk with one another.

How will this resource benefit HAs and tenants?
This hub of member to member learning will complement other resources provided by partners and the Welsh Government. The more the sector knows, the more avenues can be explored in increasing the energy efficiency of housing associations’ homes on a case by case basis, together with tenants.

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