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04 March 2020

CHC calls for a once in a generation investment partnership with Welsh Government

New research out today (4th March 2020) shows that Welsh housing associations could inject billions into the economy over the next 16 years, with Welsh Government urged to prioritise housing and work with housing associations to jointly invest £11.7billion by 2036.

We have commissioned research which shows that with over £11billion investment, 75,000 zero carbon homes could be built by 2036, making a massive dent in the housing crisis while creating 50,000 jobs and generating more than £23.2billion for the Welsh economy over 16 years.

It has been demonstrated time and again that housing associations are ready to build the good quality, affordable homes Wales desperately needs, and we have pledged to double the impact of any investment of current and future Welsh Governments to ensure that for every £1 invested, housing associations will match it.

We know that to meet housing need in Wales, and tackle the housing crisis, we need over 4,000 new homes each year. Since 2010 Welsh housing associations have delivered 21,000 new homes, and are now calling for greater ambition to continue building good quality, affordable housing for all.

In addition, by 2036, 19,500 training opportunities and a host of new full and part time jobs in construction, maintenance and management could be created; with the sector directly employing nearly 16,000 staff and playing a key role in supporting 50,000 jobs across the rest of Wales.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive at Community Housing Cymru said:

“We know that housing associations in Wales already make a crucial contribution to the economy, and we are well on course to delivering against the Welsh Government’s 20,000 home target by 2021. These high quality homes have already created thousands of jobs, improved people’s wellbeing and reduced fuel bills for tenants.

However, this report recognises that now is the time for greater ambition from all future governments in Wales. Social housing can be key to unlocking greater prosperity for communities across Wales, and we are prepared to massively increase our partnership with this and future governments in Wales to solve the housing crisis and give the Welsh economy a significant boost.”