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Housing association board members

Find out how CHC can support housing association board members to deliver for their organisations and promote excellence across the sector in Wales.

Board members are critical in setting housing association's organisational culture, vision and goals. They also have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences that can enrich our work to influence the operating environment of housing associations in Wales.

From 2023, we have expanded our work to support board members, by:

  • Piloting a series of in person board member networking events in north, south and west Wales. These networks are informal get togethers that enable board members to share experiences with their counterparts and receive updates on business critical topics.

  • Introducing a new series of online briefings targeted specifically at board members, covering both general information on the sector and more in depth topics.

The above is in addition to the work we undertake through our Member Communities Chairs and Vice Chairs group and our wider conference programme.

Find more information on upcoming events here.