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Spotlight session: Why Wellbeing works

January 16, 2024 @ 11:00am
Note: This event has ended

An annual wellbeing survey held by Champion Health recorded 76% of professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress – a percentage increase of 13% compared to data from 2022.

Addressing wellbeing with customer facing staff has never been so important. When we focus on the wellbeing of our employees, we support the whole organisation.

In this session, wellbeing coach Sarah Alex Carter will share tools and approaches that will help housing associations look after the wellbeing of staff who provide support to others, including repairs staff, housing officers, financial inclusion officers and supported housing staff.

From this session,you will gain a better insight into how to implement stress reduction techniques. Sarah will cover the impact of stress, why healthy boundaries are important and how connection and compassion play an important role in supporting our staff and users.