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Empowering refugees in their resettlement journey

November 8, 2023 @ 11:00am
Note: This event has ended

Oasis is a Cardiff-based charity that provides support to refugees and asylum seekers settling in the community. In this spotlight session, Oasis’ Housing Support Officer Deena Abawi will highlight the services provided by the charity, alongside the Welsh Refugee Council and Taff Housing Association as models of good practice in handling the unique needs and challenges faced by refugees in relation to housing and accommodation. The session will highlight:

  • Oasis’ ‘Thrive at Home’ project, which aims to empower refugees by offering tenancy support, workshops, advocacy and community integration services;
  • The specialist support services offered by Taff Housing Association, including young people and family support accommodation, community based floating support and specialist community relocation schemes;
  • The work of the Welsh Refugee Council in supporting sanctuary seekers, in particular the support they provide to single men in the 28-day move on period.