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Business Continuity – Why it matters and how to implement it

October 26, 2023 @ 9:30am
Note: This event has ended

All too often, Business Continuity is treated as an additional burden to executives or department heads, leading to plans and policies that are little known or understood by the organisation's wider staff and stakeholders.

It is not unusual to find cases where the only real aim of the Business Continuity Plan is to satisfy a regulator or auditor check.

However, a robust Business Continuity management process can be a significant force for good in any organisation. If it is implemented with simple and pragmatic aims and exercised over a sustained period in a way that is engaging and embraces staff and stakeholder contributions, real Business Resilience is achievable.

In this session, Commercial Initiatives Ltd, who have worked with a wide variety of sectors for over 20 years and have specific and deep housing expertise, will share their experience of designing, writing, implementing and sustaining Business Continuity Plans that are simple and cost effective and help build employee confidence and enthusiasm.