Policy priorities

Our policy priorities at CHC are set out in our corporate plan for 2016-19 which you can read here. We publish an annual workplan based on our corporate plan and our members’ priorities, and you can read the plan for 2017/18 here

In addition, we signed a Housing Supply Pact in December 2016 with Welsh Government and WLGA to deliver 20,000 homes during this government term (2016-2021). Many of our policy priorities focus on the Housing Supply Pact, which you can read here.

We have also recently launched our ‘Housing Horizons’ long-term vision for the sector which you can view here. We will soon be publishing an action plan for the first year of embedding the vision (April 2018-March 2019), so please keep a look out for that.


CHC set up its collective external Yammer network for members in 2015, and the network now has over 1,000 members.

This external network is a great way to continue discussions in between strategic delivery group meetings and to share ideas and good practice. Information discussed in this external network is only seen by members of the network, and every member must be approved or invited by a member of CHC staff which guarantees the network’s exclusivity.

The team at CHC regularly posts relevant updates on Yammer in order to keep members informed. If you’re not already a member of CHC’s Yammer network, please get in touch with Julia Sorribes